Campaign Management


Our Campaign Management Practice provides clients with strategy, planning, production and execution of multi-channel campaigns. Our campaign management is focused on satisfying your business objectives-whether a single campaign, or year-long initiative-we understand that it's not about how many emails are sent, but how effective they are.

The secret sauce

To make sure that we can reach your objectives, we employ a secret ingredient: predictive analytics. Predictive analytics arms you with actionable, decision-making information that predicts an outcome before you take action with a campaign. The use of these tools enables you to "surgically" target your lists, thereby delivering reliable response and conversion rates, while reducing the possibility of sending yet another message to "tired" targets.

Understanding your data is job one

Capturing and understanding your target audience's information is the foundation for successful campaigns. Working with your team, we can leverage your existing CRM application or data warehouse, or begin development of your data warehouse. Developing a comprehensive view of your target audience, combined with our analytics capabilities, enables us to provide unparalleled campaign results.


Our campaign management services though comprehensive, are available ala carte. We work hard to craft a campaign management solution that works seamlessly with your organization, combining our capabilities with your existing investment in talent.

Services available

Project management

Your project manager is responsible for your campaigns from planning to execution. They are your single point of contact for all activities related to your campaigns.

Strategic and tactical planning

We start each engagement by discovering and understanding your core business objectives. What do you want to accomplish? What are your strategic objectives for this quarter or this year? The answers to these questions drive the overall campaign strategy, laying the foundation for the development of tactical plans that both your teams and ours work from.

Data aggregation and warehousing

For many organizations data warehousing is old hat, and marketing may have easy access to the data it needs, but others, you may find "chunks" of relevant campaign data spread throughout the organization. Regardless of your situation, we work with you to develop a realistic plan to capture, aggregate and eventually warehouse key campaign data.

Data enrichment and cleaning

With many organizations, regardless of how or where their data is maintained, the data may lack the richness or quality required to provide meaningful and actionable analysis results. To uncover the often subtle, but powerful insights from your data we can add additional detailed information. Our data partners, Axciom and Dun & Bradstreet can provide you with a more complete picture of who your target audience is.

Predictive and descriptive data analysis

The predictive and descriptive data analysis we use provide decision-making insights that truly take marketing from an art to a science. Imagine if you could know your response and conversion rates before you executed a campaign. With our ability to build robust predictive models quickly, you can afford to apply this technology to every campaign you execute. Learn more about how to apply predictive analytics to answer complex business questions.

Data analysis applications

List and channel targeting

We realize that organizations often want to target audiences outside of their current lists. We source list from several partner list providers that enable you to grow your current target audience beyond your internal lists. In addition to selecting target lists, we can recommend the best-fit channel for your audience: email, direct mail or phone.

Creative and production

Our team of talented graphic designers and software developers work with your team to define the look, feel and functionality of your emails, supporting web sites and direct mail pieces. We develop re-usable graphic treatments, style guides and templates that become the foundation for your campaigns.

Campaign Management Solutions

In addition to services, we offer off-the-self solutions that integrate seamlessly with our campaign management offering. These reduce the time-to-campaign significantly, enabling you to reach your objectives more quickly and cost-effectively.