Electronic Forms Automation

All businesses are driven by process. Some processes are routine, such as reimbursing an expense claim. Others are complex, involving multiple parties both inside and outside the organization - for example, just-in-time order fulfillment.

But how do you control, adapt, and monitor your business processes? Many companies still depend heavily on paper-based procedures. Others have automated some processes, but only those that require no human interaction. Still others have multiple automated processes that are managed independently of each other. The results are:

  • Re-entry of information into multiple systems
  • Transcription errors within data
  • Inconsistencies between departments
  • Inability to process information quickly

Portal-integrated forms provide an environment to complete, process and manage forms. The environment is based on Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF) to provide a life-like facsimile of paper forms, with the benefits of automating form processing to reduce errors, manual work and "paper pushing" time. Now any form, whether pre-printed or electronic format, can be easily made available within the environment.

Key Features